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Automatic Door Group Slide Doors

Dura-Glide 2000 | Dura-Glide 3000 | Dura-Glide 2000 All-Glass

Dura-Glide 5200 Telescopic | Dura-Glide 5300 Telescopic

Slide Door: Dura-Glide 2000/3000

The number one selling automatic sliding door in North America. We’ve combined innovative microprocessor technology with advanced engineering to create the safest, most durable and dependable automatic slide door in the industry. Anywhere you go, you’ll experience the unmatched performance of our Dura-Glide slide door, be it an airport, hotel, hospital, supermarket, retail, office building, public building, government building or school.

The Dura-Glide Difference

  • The highest horsepower motor in the industry comes standard.
  • Fiberglass reinforced toothed drive belt prevents slippage and uneven closing.
  • Large diameter load bearing roller wheels can carry a heavy load for a long time.
  • Header made of lightweight, high strength 6063-T6 aluminum to prevent sagging.
  • Cleanroom certified.
  • Components fully tested and pre-assembled at factory and shipped via dedicated STANLEY freight for fast, trouble-free install.
  • Full Breakout (3000 only) All panels break out at any point of travel for emergency egress. Video.
  • Partial Breakout (2000 only) Only sliding panel(s) break out at any point of travel. Surface mount options available. Video.

Eco-Friendly Options

  • Accommodates 1” high performance insulated glass, cutting the U-Factor by 40%.
  • Added seals to reduce air infiltration.
  • Switch to reduce opening widths, saving HVAC when there is low traffic or inclement weather.
  • Paint process meets stringent AAMA 2605 specifications with no VOCs emitted.
  • Tie to an air curtain to stop air infiltration up to 80% when open.
  • Made with recycled content at our facilities in Connecticut and Indiana to provide LEED credits 4.1, 5.1 and 5.2.


  • Standard doorway holding beams (2) and Stan-Guard® detect objects in door area and holds panels open until threshold is clear.
  • Optional Wind Resistant Dampers reduce the potential for panel damage caused by wind gusts when panels are broken out.

Watch an educational video on how to troubleshoot basic issues with a Stanley Dura-Glide 2000/3000 automatic sliding door.

Slide Door: Dura-Glide 2000 All Glass

We’ve combined the beauty of an all glass door with the durability of a Dura-Glide in the Dura-Glide 2000/3000 All Glass Sliding Door Series. This UL listed and ANSI compliant door system is engineered for maximum safety and customization with size and finish options to enhance any exterior or interior application. The all glass design blends effortlessly into building profiles, minimizing site lines and bulky profiles while harvesting natural daylight. This door will complement any upscale architecture and create a modern clean design.

Features and Benefits

  • Full Breakout (3000 only) allows door panels to be broken out at any point of travel, creating a large egress opening in emergency situations
  • Partial Breakout (2000 only) is when only the sliding panel can be broken out at any point of travel. This gives the door the ability to be surface mounted
  • Fiberglass reinforced toothed drive belt prevents slippage and uneven closing for a quiet operation and less maintenance
  • Two 2 ½” diameter nylon load-bearing roller wheels can carry a heavy load for a long period of time
  • One of the most robust headers in the industry made of lightweight and corrosion resistant 6063-T6 aluminum
  • UL listed and undergoes life testing to a minimum of 1 million cycles to ensure safety
  • Integrated glass clamp hangers and pre-assembled header for fast and trouble-free installation


  • Transoms
  • Clear or Dark Bronze Anodized and Special Finishes
  • Alternate Activation and Safety Options
  • Emergency Power Options
  • Locking Options
  • Single Point Bottom Rail Deadlock(s)
  • Electric Solenoid Lock (Fail Safe/Fail Secure)

Watch an educational video on how to troubleshoot basic issues with a Stanley Dura-Glide 2000/3000 automatic sliding door.

Slide Door: Dura-Glide 5200/5300 Telescopic

The 5200/5300 Telescoping Series is designed in a single slide 3-panel or bi-part 6- panel configuration to create a larger clear door opening than a standard single slide or bi-part sliding door. The special drive system on the 5200 and 5300 Series synchronizes the moving panels so the faster-moving outer panel and slower inner panel reach the jamb at the same time. It’s ideal for high traffic retail, upscale professional and institutional locations.

The 5200 and 5300 door series utilize the same major components with the primary difference being the configuration for emergency egress. The 5200 door system’s emergency egress configuration allows only the lead active (SX) panels to swing (breakout). All panels swing open (breakout) with the 5300.

Features and Benefits

  • 5200 emergency swing (breakout) only on lead panel (SX)
  • 5300 emergency swing (breakout) on all panels (SX, SX, SO)
  • Fiberglass reinforced toothed drive belt prevents slippage and uneven closing
  • Multiple load bearing roller wheels can carry a heavy load for a long period of time
  • One of the most robust headers in the industry made of lightweight and corrosion resistant 6063-T6 aluminum
  • All components are tested and preassembled at the factory for fast, trouble-free installation
  • Clean Room Certified for Class 10


  • Transoms
  • Special Finishes
  • Activation and Safety Options
  • Jamb Cam Security Cameras
  • Alarm Contacts - Allows for remote monitoring of panel status
  • Emergency Back-up Power
  • Locking Options
    • 3-Point Locks
    • Lock Position Indicator
    • Armored Strikes
    • Electric Solenoid Lock (Fail Safe/Fail Secure)
    • Access Control Locking with Surface or Recessed Panic Hardware

Slide Door: 2000 Series Linear Drive

Horton Automatics sliding door systems are used in a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. Packages are available from 7 to 16 feet unit widths. Door configurations are offered in 2, 3, or 4-panel designs, single sliding or bi-parting with choice of anodized aluminum, paint or metal clad finishes. Narrow, medium, and wide stile panels as well as all-glass Elegant® design are also available.

At the heart of these hardworking systems is a choice of three Horton Automatics sliding door operators. All are engineered with 1/8 HP motors (1/4 HP motor option forSeries 2001 heavy duty operators) plus microprocessor control and digital display for visual adjustment of settings and diagnostics. An auto-seal feature ensures the doors are closed for energy savings.


  • Exclusive high strength corner block construction
  • Rugged breakaway system featuring full-width solid torsion bar assembly to provide superior support in the breakaway position
  • Dual safety beams for added threshold protection
  • User selectable operating modes

Slide Door: 2000 Series Belt Drive

With the smallest header profile in the industry, this door system is often selected for its visual appeal. Yet the real advantage is the system’s dependability, with few parts to wear out and easy adjustments.

The Horton-exclusive drive systems feature a slim 4" x 6" header that allows for a flush installation to 4" jambs and quick header-to-jamb fastening with no header end caps required. This results in attractive sight-lines with hair-line joints.

Two-Way General Traffic

  • Hospitals
  • Hotels/Resorts
  • Retail
  • Upscale Offices
  • Upscale Residential

Sliding entrance to a positive/negative pressure isolation room.

  • Perimeter seal
  • Trackless flow design for unobstructed flow
  • Automatic hands-free operation or manual operation

Slide Door: 2003 Series Belt Drive

This heavy duty belt drive door system is engineered to provide long life and quiet operation in a high traffic environment.

Two-Way High Traffic

  • Airports
  • Supermarkets
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels/Resorts
  • Shopping Malls


  • Heavy duty drive-train with 1/8 HP motor and 3/4" steel reinforced belt drive system
  • Durable 6" X 6" header
  • High quality steel carriage wheels with ball bearing design
  • Fully replaceable nylon covered aluminum carriage track
  • Patented panic breakout system featuring a solid bar wheel carriage with continuous interlocking.
  • This ensures dependable emergency breakout without sagging, along with effortless resetting.
  • Adjustable astragal with double weatherseal captured in door panel extrusion. This ensures lasting and superior weatherseal.
  • Superior high-strength corner block construction for all door panels for years of dependable service

Slide Door: 2003 Series Belt Drive Telescoping

This system is ideal for automatic sliding door access in narrow passageways, effectively increasing the opening width more than 35 percent. Available in single or bi-parting configuration. Sidelites can be specified for emergency breakout.

Two-Way High Traffic Maximum Opening

  • Hospitals
  • Hotels/Resorts
  • Shopping Malls
  • Office Buildings


Slide Door: Elegant™ All-Glass

All glass, partial or full breakout system for upscale entrance applications. The all-glass Elegant® system enhances your building’s exterior beauty while offering all the advantages of automatic operation and energy efficiency.


  • Frameless, offset glass design
  • Heavy duty operator ensures quiet and smooth operation
  • Available with up to 76" of net slide opening width and 153 ¼" full breakout opening width
  • Supplied with ½" tempered glass