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Automatic Door Group Swing Doors

Magic-Force | Magic-Access

Swing Door: Magic-Force®

The industry leading STANLEY Magic-Force® is the operator of choice for professionals who trust its long-lasting durability and dependable product performance that isn't measured in years, but in decades. The Magic-Force® is our most versatile operator because it comes in a variety of mounting styles, integrates with a variety of sensors and systems and effortlessly adapts to the most diverse set of job site conditions including full or low energy and light to heavy duty usage.

Design Flexibility:

  • Multiple header configurations support a variety of mounting styles.
  • Compatible with a variety of systems and activation sensors.

Installation Flexibility:

  • Right or left hand operation (non-handed).
  • No special tools needed.
  • Either full energy ANSI 156.10 (motion activated) or low energy ANSI 156.19 (knowing-act activated).
  • Adjustable spring for precise closing force control.
  • The advanced microprocessor controller and proven encoder technology work together for comprehensive and precise control of the doors motion.
  • Programmable door check sizes and speeds.

Operational Flexibility:

  • Light to heavy duty.
  • Powers door panels up to 48” (1220mm) wide and 350lbs+** (159 kg) or 75 ft/lb torque.
  • UL listed for fire rated doors.
  • Electric lock integration now built in.
  • Acts as a mechanical closer for manual operation in power outages.
  • Features on, off and hold open switch.
  • Automatic reset upon power up.

Impressive Operation:

  • Smooth, controlled and built to resist wind and stack pressure conditions while operating as quiet as a refrigerator (50 decibels).

Maximum Safety Every Time:

  • Microprocessor-based controller will stop immediately at any point of the doors swing cycle when an obstacle is detected. Add-on sensors available for additional safety.
  • Fuse, electronic surge and internal power supply protection.

Swing Door: Magic-Access®

The STANLEY Magic-Access® low energy (knowing act) operator can automate virtually any swing door, new or existing, through physical activation from a push plate, wall-switch or card reader. Engineered to meet the most difficult applications, Magic-Access® effortlessly provides a full range of automatic door functions to an otherwise manual door and is compliant with all U.S. and Canadian handicap access laws, including ANSI A117.1 and A156.19.

The operator installs on the door frame in place of a conventional closer and works with metal, wood or glass doors (hinged, offset, or pivot center) up to 44” wide. This state-of-the-art electromechanical operator works in conjunction with a sophisticated electronic controller and a variety of activating devices. The end result: quiet, smooth, automatic door control without compromising building traffic flow and architectural aesthetics. It is also available as a fire door package with UL listed equipment, for applications such as hospitals

Features and Benefits

  • Powers doors up to:
    • 42” (1067 mm) in panel width
    • 125 pounds (57kg) in panel weight
  • Compact unit size for aesthetics
  • Reacts immediately to any obstacle by stopping the door at any point in its swing cycle
    Adjustable opening force as low as 8lbs compared to the standard 15lbs required to open a typical manual swing door
  • Open under power and spring close for maximum energy efficiency
  • Retrofits to conventional doors for a fraction of the cost of a new automatic door
  • Operates from any standard 120V AC outlet with no special wiring needed
  • Acts as a mechanical closer for manual operation in the event power is shut off
  • Power Close Selectable
  • Adjustable Time Delay


  • Special Finishes
  • Additional Safety Options
  • Magic-Touch™ activation for extra power assistance when used manually opening past 3°
  • Lock Delay ability
  • Sequencing Module
  • Complete factory engineered door system that includes center pivoted door panels
  • Mounting Options
    • Visible - Standard
    • Concealed
  • Activation Options
    • Wireless Push Plate
    • Wireless Transmitters
    • Push Plate Posts
    • Push to Operate

Swing Door: 4000 Series

Whether for new construction or an existing building, Horton Automatics door systems provide a full range of access solutions for low energy, handicap, or full automatic access applications.


  • One-Way or Two-Way Traffic
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels/Resorts
  • Retail
  • Office Buildings
  • Industrial
  • Airports
  • Government
  • Schools & Libraries


  • Adjustable opening and closing speeds
  • Adjustable time delay closing (2–30 seconds)
  • Push-N-Go® activation
  • SoftTouch® safety feature reverses a closing door
  • Obstruction sensing reduces opening speed when obstructed

Swing Door: 7000 Series

The Horton Series 7000 operator is ideal for new or converted barrier-free openings per ANSI A117/156.19, ADA.

  • Automatic opening with button or push plate activation
  • Easily adjustable opening and closing speeds
  • Surface applied mounting
  • Push-N-Go® feature, SoftTouch® reversing and obstruction sensing
  • Available in 4" x 6" or 6" x 6" side access headers


  • Adjustable opening and closing speeds
  • Adjustable time delay closing (2–30 seconds)
  • Push-N-Go® activation
  • SoftTouch® safety feature reverses a closing door
  • Obstruction sensing reduces opening speed when obstructed